CNA Report Highlights ACM Port Capabilities

CNA Report Highlights ACM Port Capabilities

The Autonomous Coastal Monitor™ (ACM™) was highlighted in a recent report published by the CNA Corporation and presented at the AUVSI Xponential conference in San Diego, validating the craft’s capability to support harbor security, pollution control, and disaster recovery missions.

The report, produced by the nonprofit research organization CNA, summarized the results of the two-year Port Security and Emergency Response (PS&ER) Using Autonomous Systems (UxS) project conducted at the Port of Viginia. The project involved demonstrations by five Virginia companies involved in UxS development, including AMV through its parent company Tridentis.

ACM™ Conducts a Pollution Survey Demonstration as part of the PS&ER UxS Project

The report summarized the ACM’s performance, demonstrating its versatility for port and harbor operations:

Tridentis used ACM’s side-scan sonar to quickly survey key navigation channels around the port and validate the positions of ATON following a hypothetical hurricane. During an ATON validation, ACM can conduct a simultaneous survey to identify potential navigation hazards that could affect commercial shipping operations. For the pollution use case, Tridentis demonstrated how ACM can map the extent of a hypothetical oil or other chemical spill in the waterway. This capability can be used to support effective containment and cleanup efforts. Tridentis also used ACM’s radar to identify potential targets (i.e., vessels) operating in the surrounding area. This capability could be used to provide effective 24/7 monitoring and improve port security.

The report assessed all five solutions against the initial need and capability requirements identified at the outset of the project. The ACM™ not only demonstrated its ability to address the high priority PS&ER pain points of quick response HAZMAT assessment and mitigation, search and rescue, and threat and hazard identification, it also addressed all twelve of the identified PS&ER requirements and features (see "Tridentis" column):

The report highlights the value and versatility the ACM™ brings to port customers as they seek to integrate autonomous capabilities into their operations. The 24/7 endurance of the ACM™, driven by its integrated solar power system, and the stable, versatile platform enabled by its unique SWATH hull design, make it ideal for ports taking their first step in autonomous systems integration. In one platform, the ACM™ can simultaneously provide persistent wide-ranging capabilities, including water and air quality monitoring, radar/sonar contact tracking, video monitoring, and communications node/mesh network functionality.

Port stakeholders interested in learning more about the ACM™ and its capabilities to support port operations should contact AMV using the form and information on the “Contact Us” page. Read the full report at

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