Our Capabilities

AMV is experienced in a variety of prototyping efforts. From small-scale, table-top models to full-scale, working, proof-of-concept designs, Tridentis has the capability to rapidly move from ideas to hands-on hardware. We implement a prototyping plan based on the level of complexity, scale, and materials needed for each requirement.
Research and Development
Throughout our research and development efforts, we strive to solve the physics first and then bring the concept into reality. When approaching a research and development project, we push the envelope to solve the problem at hand, but apply practical requirements to ease the transition into a real-world acquisition.
AMV is adept at supporting construction and re-fit projects. Our engineers have vast experience in both new construction and overhaul environments. Producibility and reducing construction costs are primary focuses of every project.
Novel Concepts
AMV is well versed in the development of novel concepts. We look at novel concepts as the middle ground between science and engineering –craft, ships, and systems that are out of the ordinary, and require a unique perspective to develop and engineer. Even when developing novel concepts, our guiding principle is finding a solution that not only meets the requirements but can also be produced and brought to market. We recognize and plan for the fact that even novel concepts must eventually satisfy regulatory bodies like the USCG. Recognizing this reality throughout the process minimizes the amount of re-design later.
Autonomous Vehicles
AMV autonomous systems engineers work in teams to identify requirements and develop solutions to implement autonomous capabilities on marine systems. From the basic requirements through detail design, this arrangement allows the design to drive the autonomy, with the autonomy providing design feedback early to effect changes as necessary. The end result is symbiosis in the design between all engineering disciplines and a more efficient design process.